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Oven temperature, my temp gun and meat thermometer March 28, 2010

Posted by marksun in tools.
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I have a temp gun (Raytek MiniTemp), formerly used to measure the head temperature of RC car engines which sometimes gets casual cooking use.  Using it I find that the oven dial is about 50 to 70 degrees low.   The infra-red (IR) instrument measures surface temperature, not the air temperature.  In this case I figure the temperature of carbon covered  surfaces in my oven  is probably close to the air temperature.  Ideally you’d have some media in the oven – maybe a black ceramic disk – for sure not shiny metal anyway, whose emissivity matches the temp gun and you’d temp that.

aimlessly pointing the temp gun for the photo but should go for the back wall of the oven ... we're 21 degrees below the 325 we're supposed to be roasting at

Also verified that the meat thermometer is reasonably accurate indicator for the roast… 145 is a medium well done roast – a little too well done for me and my lamb roast.  I use it for turkey but there you never try for a rare.

Fun to find a new use for the temp gun.