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Pork Guisantes – Pork with Peas June 30, 2010

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Pork Guisantes
slice pork to 1/2 inch
Mince  2 clove garlic
1 c water – reduce  med heat,
8oz tomato sause
1t vinegar
bay leaf
1/4 t pepper
2 T  or so patis  ( or salt)
10 oz +- peas  fresh, froz peas, or canned
1 can garbanzo beans
slicèd red bell pepper
or pimentos at end
Can also cook sliced potatoes add with the tomato sause 4dec04
The peas and add-ons use up the extra tomato sause.  8 oz is just right for a lg skillet
If the leftovers gets dry add water
22sep  used one slice pork, tofu
whole red pepper sliced sautee till roasted and black  w garlic separatly – shrivels peppers.  In wok or Big pan reduce pork in water first. Then tomato sause vinegar and spices.p

Chicken Adobo November 12, 2008

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My adobo with new hints from master adobo artist and my friend Lilly   Apr 07

These are the ingredients necessary for a great adobo – you need to play with the proportions – if you hit the magic formula – please get back to me!  Lilly does not use garlic and I don’t know about black pepper either.  I usually add whole peppercorns or cracked pepper to adobo.

In the past I have added beer to adobo recipes and as usual reduce everything down to the rich goodness of chicken fat in the bottom of the pot.

The ingredients are placed all at once into a large pot and once it gets going, cook covered evenly on medium low heat.  The flavor will be better if the skin on the chicken is left on to produce some fat for the gravy at the bottom.  There will not be a lot of liquid left over but I like the meat moist and tender and not dry.  Never burn the adobo!


bay leaf
rice vinegar
brown sugar
cinnamon stick
thai basil
chicken pieces cut up

Pinakbet November 12, 2008

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Odi’s basic recipe Oct06
bunch long beans trimmed sliced 1.5″
bay leaf
1 med pumpkin sliced bite sized chunks with skin
4 long egplant peeled sliced 2in logs
20 okra
2 bitter melon pitheds seeded
other veg if desired or available
roast pork – cut into bite sized pieces
patis to taste

place veg in larg pot w garlic
add 1/3 C patis or more and 2 C water
simmer med 45min
add pork
shake pot occasionally to mix