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Himalayan Kitchen April 3, 2011

Posted by marksun in restaurant.

Dinner last night with my mom and the D.  We’ve eaten at this popular Kaimuki restaurant three or four times now and though it’s a fun place, we still haven’t figured out how to order to get a good balance.  Entres come with white rice. Our order came with two bowls of rice.  BYOB with no corkage (big plus). Reservations are good idea (leave a message on the answer machine).



  1. Naan – 1 piece per order- very nice with a green ginger sauce, included.  $2     2 orders/3 people
  2. Mix tandoori grill:  chicken, beef, and shrimp.   I find this dish dry and salty.  There is an orange yogurt-like sause and small salad with it with the green sauce.  Not bad but not the best value.  $18
  3. Lamb curry:  Lamb chunks in a deep brown curry.   Lamb a bit on the dry but really tender but not tough.   $16
  4. Yellow Dahl:  Lentils in a sauce.  A good value.  $6
  5. Rice pudding – uhh ok , little odd for me.  arourn $7

Next time,

Tika Chicken Massala, possible something with a Korba sauce.    Maybe  try a Vindaloo.  A chutney would have helped.

I brought six or seven containers  for leftovers in the bag with the wine.  While that is a little strange, it worked awesome to bring back the leftovers and saved us from asking  the restaurant for seven take-out containers, or having to mix everything up in a leaky Styrofoam box.

$50 +-

Close relative : aloha crepes in waimalu …




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