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About Thai Fish Sauce – Nam Pla April 27, 2010

Posted by marksun in Sauce.
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Nam Pla is the Thai version of the familiar Filipino fish sauce,  patis.  Wrote these notes down from a newspaper article sometime in the first decade of the century.  So this is what is done with tiny fish.   Amazing, fermenting fish to make a sauce…
Thai fish sause, about  (nam pla){
first press extra virgin –
small fish placed in concrete vat
w salt on bottom and top
woven bamboo mat on top
weighted down w rocks
8 month fermentation process
begins uncovered to allow sunlight
to aid the process. high quality
“first press” nam pla is used for dipping.
Then more water  added to fish for
the 2nd and 3rd press –  is less salty used for cooking.


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