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Mushroom Chicken January 2, 2009

Posted by marksun in chicken.

jan 1 2009
I made a variant of mushroom chicken for the first meal of the new year – 3 of us with  Kelly’s home – we had it with a cornbread dressing.    Six chic thighs will provide 2-4 servings depending on appetites.

6 chic thighs – skinless boneless – rinsed, patted dry

mix flour seasoning: 1/3 c flour + 1/3 c corn meal + 1/2t salt + 1t paprika …  you only want enough of this flour breading to lightly coat the raw chicken.  Breadcrumbs chopped in a blender or processor would work fine too.

Coat the chicken with breading.

Saute chicken on med low heat in 1/8 c or so  olive oil, in a covered skillet.  Turn when well browned.  

Alternative chicken – Any cooked chicken will do, including supermarket baked chicken, or leftover chicken.  You want the chicken as moist and tender as possible.

Mushrooms: use whatever mushrooms are available – as many as you like.   I used dried shitake mushrooms and a handful of the supermarket white mushrooms.

Prepare Mushrooms
dried shitake mushrooms – soak in water until tender – slice 
add the sliced white mushrooms to the water for flavor.
reserve the water for added moisture – it carries a shitake flavor  

In a bowl, mix the sauce ingredients and set aside…
1 can cream of mushroom soup – or cream of whatever
1/2 c sour cream (optional) 
chopped fresh parsely for flavor and color
some of the mushroom water to thin the soup enough to pour

Cook the breaded chicken thighs in a skillet, covered.  Turn then after a few minutes, add the mushrooms and sause and simmer on medium low heat until the mushrooms are tender.  Probably hard to overcook, especially with fresh chicken on med or low heat, but make sure there is plenty of liquid to cover most of the ingredients at all times.

If the chicken is already cooked, saute the mushrooms in olive oil keeping them moist with a little water.  Add the cooked chicken, then the sause and bring to a bubbling simmer.  

Serve over rice or a cornbread dressing.



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