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Laulau – pressure cooker recipe November 12, 2008

Posted by marksun in Dad, Hawaiian, pork, pressure cooker.
  • 12 large  luau taro  leaves or more smaller leaves
  • a pound of pork,  cut into big chunks and divided four ways
  • big piece of salted butterfish, divided four ways
  • 8-10 big ti leafs
  • twine

Divide the luau into four piles
divide the pork and butterfish into four piles
wrap and tie up, 2 ti leaf per lau lau, trim to make nice package.
My dad tried using rubber bands a few times – not such a good idea because of the  rubber band taste.

Fire up pops big pressure cooker  ( I still have my dad’s pressure cooker)
3″ of water on privet – line bottom with ti leaves.
place laulau in pressure cooker

Cook at pressure for 2 hours.
Most pressure cooker recipes say 1 hour but in my pressure cookers 1 hour is just not enough.  I go 2 hours.  The luau leaves need to be completely cooked or you may experience the unpleasant scratchy feeling in the mouth and throat.  It won’t really hurt you  but it is unpleasant.  If the cooked leaves still separate into individual leaves, it is not cooked enough.  2 hours at pressure in the pressure cooker is 100% reliable.
No pressure cooker?  If you use a stovetop steamer, cook 4 hours (or more)!   If you have a better method for timing/cooking the luau,or better pressure information for a pressure cooker,  please post a comment!



1. Matt - August 5, 2012

Thank you for this information! I am trying this out tonight. I have made laulau in the past, but this is my first time trying it with the pressure cooker. Thank you.

2. Ivan Ward - May 28, 2018

One hour 45 minutes is the minimum! My pressure cooker can do 50 at a time! When I had my restaurant I made 300 every two weeks!

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