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Chinese style fish November 11, 2008

Posted by marksun in fish, seafood.

Fish filet or whole fish – (snapper, mahimahi, mullet, moi, tilapia )
1″ x 1″ piece of fresh ginger sliced into thin slivers 
bunch of green onions sliced into 1″ thin strips lengthwise
bunch of chinese parsley, chopped or leaves stripped off stems by hand (optional)

1/4 C peanut or olive oil
1/4 C shoyu

Prepare and slice ingredients first and set aside. This dish cooks fast.

Cook the fish first – there are several ways. No matter what, most fish should be just cooked, no raw spots, but not cooked to tough dryness.  Fish should always be cooked gently, as opposed to violently.  If you do end up cooking a fish violently, you will see what I mean. 
Saute method. The fish filets can be placed in 2T of oil in a 12″ skillet on medium heat and cooked gently until it just begins to flake. The easiest way if you’re not used to cooking fish is to saute filets in a pan in a little oil.
Steam method.  In a covered pan that’s big enough to hold the fish, add about 1/2″ of water.  Place a rack or the equivalent on the bottom.  The idea is that you want the fish above boiling water which will make steam to cook the fish.  I personally make a foil coffin for the fish or fish fillets and place it on a steaming rack.  Medium high heat – steam about 10-12 minutes depending on the fish – fish should come away from the bone – flake – when done.  

With this recipe, you don’t have to add anything (like salt) to the fish because this recipe has a sauce. If things look a little dry, add a bit of water in the dry spots of the pan to keep from sticking. Most fish can also be poached, that is cooked in steaming water, or steamed covered. The thicker the fish, the longer it takes, so for whole fish it’s good to cover to keep the heat in.

Place the cooked fish on a platter, preferably one with some depth to hold the sauce in. Sprinkle fish with ginger and heap on green onions and chinese parsley. 
Pour shoyu over fish.
Dish should look pretty and inviting at this point.  

Heat 1/4 C oil the skillet on medium heat. The oil is hot when a piece of ginger sizzles in the oil.

Pour hot oil over fish and vegetables – there should be a little sizzling. The oil mixes with the shoyu and absorbs the ginger and other flavors to make an oil sauce.

This is the basic recipe.  More oil, less oil, different kinds of oil, a little wine, slivered mushrooms, sliced red bell pepper



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