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Curry ala Bola November 11, 2008

Posted by marksun in curry.

Curry ala Bola
– from my friend James Bola- a basic Indian Curry recipe – 2002
This is a very basic Indian style curry.  Onions chopped very fine and well cooked with oil is the basis of this recipe.  Use a food processor or blender for the onion and vegetables and spices  and you’ll get the basic curry paste.  


Meat – beef, chicken, lamb, or goat cut into bite sized pieces
1 or more large onions, chopped fine,
2 or more cloves garlic minced ,
ginger – 1″ or more, minced fine,
chili peppers – processed fine – depends on how hot you like it

1t cumin
1t find ground coriander
1t tumeric
(or your favorite curry spices)

condiments: (optional)
sour cream or yogurt,

Cook the sause
On medium heat, gently saute veg in oil – add spices
hint: add water a little bit at a time to prevent dryness and any sticking.  If you prefer you can add oil instead, but that packs on calories and cost…
add meat, cook to marinate meat in spices a few minutes
add water, cover, and cook until meat is done.

Serve with condiments and rice

Variations – infinite.  

  • You can marinate the meat or spice it prior to adding to sause.
  • You can also precook the meat any way you like.  
  • You want the meat tender and moist.  Chicken breast in particular gets tougher the more you cook it.  
  • Experiment with spices or use what you have.


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